Inside Issue #3 Fashion v. Body | Anniversary Issue

Inside the Fashion issues we explore the various photography styles of budding and established fashion photographers from across the globe while capturing the hottest boys of the moment blazing a trail to stardom. Lucas Goodmangives us his take on the making of a superstar while Supermodel Jordan Pariscrushes in Gucci. Oh and did we mention high end fashion!

Inside the Body Issues we explore the art of the human body and it's connection to and through fashion, exotic travel destinations, an exclusive look at the life and path of Supermodel Wendell Lissimore photographed by Kelvin Williams, while New York City photographer Taylor Miller captures the essence of Supermodel Chad White. The body Issue also features amazing work from Marc Tousignant, Badessi + Wallander and Bill Lagaret to name a few.

Both the fashion and body Issues come with your preferred choice of cover boy. ;-) Please note that the Body  Issue has different content than that of the Fashion Issue and are a compound of one body of work meant to be read and enjoyed together.

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